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5-Minutes of Warm Ups + 22 Minutes of Meditation

About the Meditation

Our 40 Day Meditation will bring you vitality and purpose creating more joy in your life. The meditation includes a mudra (hand position), specific eye focus and chanting the mantra Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio. Combining these meditation aspects allow us balance the brain so we can better deal with stress, release all that is not allowing us to live in vitality and come into a purposeful life.    

About the mantra

Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio is a mantra chanted to invoke ecstasy. Wahe Guru means in celebration of Divine or moving from darkness to light. Wahe Jio is an endearing term. Expressed as feeling grateful for feeling close to the Divine. 

In the meditation, I used Gian Ji's version of the mantra.