40 Days to Vitality

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40 Days to Vitality

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Do you feel like the external demands on your life are more than you are able to deliver? Have you been feeling frustrated or anxious? Do you feel like you'd rather be alone? Have you loss purpose in life? 

Start your day with purpose and intention! Our time includes a few minutes of light Kundalini exercises to prepare the body for meditation followed by the majority of our time in meditation practice. The meditation combines mantra, eye focus and hand positions for our specific intention.

The intention of the challenge is to empower you to create a regular meditation practice and create more vitality and joy in your life. Additionally, this meditation balances the brain to deal with stress. 

This meditation challenge offers 40 days of  meditation experience led online by Lizz Cohoon, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

Location: Members-Only Zoom Online Meeting  
Dates: Thursday, March 29 to Tuesday, May 8.
Times: 7:00 am EST Live Led Meditation + Kundalini Yoga on 3/29 & 5/8.
Plus Weekly Guided Meditation Videos as the time increases

Once enrolled an email is sent with info to access the members only page for weekly videos and the Zoom link for the online live meditation.

Questions? Email Lizz at lizz@lizzcohoon.com