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40 Day Meditation Challenge:
peace within

Start a new habit! Join the 40 Day Meditation Challenge to connect to the Peace Within!
This meditation challenge offers 40 days of live meditation experience led online by Lizz Cohoon, Teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Start your day with peace! Our time includes a few minutes of light Kundalini exercises to prepare the body for meditation followed by the majority of our time in meditation practice. The meditation uses breath and mudra (yogic hand positions) to focus the mind.

The intention of the meditation is to create calmness through connecting you to your inner stillness. In this place, we receive new perceptions helping us to relate in a relaxed, centered and clear way. Physically, this meditation will strengthen your lungs and heart. 

6-weeks: The first week starts with 5 minutes of light exercises to prepare the body and is followed with 5 minutes of meditation. The second & third weeks, we continue our 5 minutes of light exercise and do 7 minutes of meditation. Week four & five, 5 minutes of light exercises continues and we practice the meditation for 11 minutes. In the final week, week six, we experience 5 minutes of light exercise followed by 22 minutes of meditation. 

Location: Private Group on Facebook  
(You must have FB account. Once signed up, you will receive an invite to the group by Lizz Cohoon)
Dates: Sunday, January 14 to Friday, February 23, 2018
Time: 7:00AM EST Live Meditation* (or watch the replay on your own time)
Cost: $22



When we are born we have no habits. Habits can bring us joy like having a morning cup of tea or frustration like getting stressed out over a problem at work. Some habits need to change in order to shift into a less stressful life and more happiness. 

In Kundalini Yoga, 40 Days is the recommended length to practice to dissolve any habits keeping you from living a happy, healthy and stressed-less life. In 40 days, you can change a habit: 20 days to break a habit and 20 days to form a new one.


My first 40 Days

I remember my first 40 days. It was in yoga teacher training as part of our assignment. Our teacher told us to choose a meditation to do for 40 days. It didn’t sound that difficult at first. Then my teacher explained that it wasn’t 10 days here, stop 5 days and do another 7 days. She meant 40 days in a row. So if you didn’t get it done before you went to bed, you had to start all over again at day one the next day. This definitely felt like a challenge but doable. So I chose not only a meditation but also a kriya, or set of Kundalini Yoga exercises. The Aries spirit in me, felt I had this completely handled.

There were days when I was super thankful to have a meditation and yoga practice to do every day. Some days, it felt really rewarding to start my day in this way. I felt happy, clear on my purpose and ready to handle whatever my day had in store. Other days I found myself doing my duty and noticing the blissful buzz didn’t happen. Even on those days, I was still able to feel an underlying sensation that I had done something to sway my day in a positive way.

There were days when I was lying in bed and almost asleep that I remembered I hadn’t done my 40 day practice. I laid there for moments pondering what it would mean if I didn’t do it and would have to start over at day one the next day. I didn’t want to give up so I always got up and did my practice.

At the end of the 40 days, I didn’t know that what I would achieve was feeling the most proud and committed to myself that I ever had!I reflected on how I stayed true and committed to completing my 40 day practice everyday. When I didn’t feel like it, I still got on my mat. There were also many days I chose to make time for my practice simply because I loved it. I had never ever done anything like this for myself before and I found a trust and love for myself I had never experienced! It allowed me to see that anything is possible if I stay true to my commitment and show up. It also gave me the experience of what it feels like to be empowered and strong.

-Lizz Cohoon


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to join? 
A cushion or pillow to sit on, a place to practice where you won't be distracted, the time to complete the meditation every day, a Facebook account, and a willingness to rise to the challenge!

Do I have to attend the live Facebook led meditations every day?
It's not necessary that you watch the Facebook live. You can watch the video later in the day but it is helpful to be in the group energy to deepen our experience of the meditation and encourage each other through the 40 days.

What if I miss a day?  
It is best to try to not miss a day so that you can get the full benefits of the meditation. If you do miss, don't get discouraged! Keep up! We are all here to support each other.  

I've never meditated before. Can I join?
This is a perfect way for you to start meditating! Joining the challenge will motivate you to start a regular practice. 

Have more questions? Contact Lizz at lizz@lizzcohoon.com