Chakra Elevation Jewelry Sessions


Intuitive Gemstone Bracelet + Chakra Scan Session

intuitive custom gemstone bracelet session

We are all made of vibrational energy. In the body, we have energy centers in our body that influence us mentally, emotionally, and physically. When these centers are off-balance you find yourself in dis-ease. When these energy centers are balanced, you feel happy, aligned with your purpose and understand the bigger picture by "problems" that are happening in your life. 

For your session, Lizz will do an intuitive reading of your chakras and gives a consultation on how to bring them back into balance. The session continues as Lizz intuitively creates a mala bracelet made from gemstone crystals to support you to bring your chakras back into balance.  She finishes the session by infusing Reiki energy into your bracelet to amplify the stones healing properties 

The session can be done in-person
or Online through text, FB/IG messenger or Zoom.
Allow 20-30 minutes for an in-person session.
Allow 30-45 minutes for an online bracelet session.