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why essential oils?

One of my main missions as a healing arts professional and leader in our community is to continue to share tools that support staying balanced in mind, body and spirit. Essential oils have become one of my favorite convenient beneficial transformation tools. Here are some of the few ways they’ve transformed my mind, body and spirit:

• I noticed that when everyone else was sick around me, I wasn't.
• When I meditate, I feel more connected using oils. 
• When I felt disconnected and ungrounded, I used an oil and felt connected to nature. 
• Falling asleep has been more enjoyable with lavender on my pillow. 
• My hair feels and looks healthier.
• Enhance my yoga and meditation practice.   
• Instead of using store brought air fresheners, I diffuse or spray an oil. 
• Perfumes makes me sneeze so I use oil blends to freshen up. 

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fun & interactive classes!

I want to share these amazing tools with you! It's been so important for me lately to encourage self-nurturing, have fun while learning, and create opportunities to connect personally to the community. My goal with the oils is to have events and classes revolving around these intentions. Click on over to my calendar to see what educational and fun event I have next!


Let’s meet

Schedule a complimentary one-on-one 30 minute consultation with me! We will go over your individual needs and I’ll teach you how essential oils can bring health and wellbeing to your mind, body and spirit. No obligation to buy!



You already know what oils to use and are ready to order your certified therapeutic grade quality doTERRA oils.


Let’s talk

I'd love to hear from you if you’re interested in learning more about essential oils, if you use oils too and how they've transformed you! Leave me a note!

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