Evening sadhana: Online Meditation

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Complete your day with meditation

Join together for a Kundalini Yoga meditation to bring clarity to the mind in the comfort of your home.


Keep the path of meditation to the point that you cleanse yourself,
so that you can come out of the wounds.

- Yogi Bhajan

Meditation is an art to clean the mind. Through this art, we release mental clutter that has accumulated during our day. By cleansing the mind, our intuition increases and we allow different perspectives on circumstances and new ideas of how to move forward in higher consciousness.

• Evening Sadhana has a specialized intention and meditation based on energy of the collective consciousness. 
• Meditations may include any and all: breath, mantra, movement and mudra
• Length of meditations are 11 - 31 minutes
• Includes brief Kundalini Yoga warm-ups to ready the body.
• Gather together in an Members Only Zoom Online Live Broadcast
• If you miss the Live Broadcast, you will receive a link to watch the replay.

Registration closes at 6:45pm EST day of meditation. 

Next Meditation

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