Light Worker activation 3
step into your light: Teach & Lead

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Leve 3: step into your Light - Teach & Lead

Level 3: Step into your Light gives you the tools to teach and lead others to step onto the path of being a light worker. Learn how to do attunements. Deepen your practice as a light worker through more spiritual tools, methods and further knowledge on the subtle body systems.

Are you ready to step into being a light leader?

• Learn the Master Reiki Symbols
• Know how to attune others to be light workers & Reiki practitioners
• Learn how to lead successful trainings
• Discover in-depth knowledge about the state of chakras and the aura
• Experience using your intuitive gift to connect to the subtle bodies
• Enhance your sessions with divination readings
• Develop your skills to discover and channel healing to chakra & aura imbalances
• Discover how to utilize and embody your unique gifts into an energy session


Lecture, Discussion, Journal Reflection, Meditation and Guided Application. 


In order to participate in Level 3, you must have completed Levels 1 & 2 and Lizz Cohoon needed to be your teacher for one or both.

Accepting 4 students.


A pen
A yoga mat
A cushion or blanket for sitting (Some available to borrow.)
Wear comfortable clothes.
2 Selenite Towers or Rods
3 Quartz Points
Set of 7 Chakra Stones


Reiki Master Attunement
Reiki Master Certificate
Reiki Crystals


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TBD - This training takes place over two days.
If you are interested in enrolling in this training, complete the enrollment application


Article on Becoming A Reiki Master by William Lee Rand