light worker activation

become a light worker!

Start the journey to becoming a Light Worker! Light Worker Activation is a three part training that gives you the tools to bring balance, peace, strength and clarity to yourself and to others.

If you have felt called to learn how to heal others and yourself, it’s time to step into the path of the light worker! Learn how to activate healing light through the method of Reiki and how to work with the light through spiritual tools. Know the language of your inner guidance system to use the light. Discover your strength as a leader to support others to become light workers.

Level 1: Connect to Your Light This training focuses on Self-Healing. It creates the foundation for the Light Worker journey. Learn how to do energy work on yourself by the method of Usui Reiki and how to use metaphysical tools. Discover your intuitive gifts and the subtle energy body. This training supports you to dive deeper into your spiritual path and discover yourself as a Light Worker.


Level 2: Share Your Light
Share Your Light supports you to learn how to do energy work to bring balance, peace, and clarity to others. Expand your knowledge of metaphysical tools and subtle body systems. Learn how to use your intuition to inform your light work.


Level 3: Step into your Light
Level 3: Step into your Light gives you the tools to teach and lead others to step onto the path of being a light worker. Learn how to do attunements. Deepen your practice as a light worker through more spiritual tools, methods and further knowledge on the subtle body systems.