Meditation Guidance

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Meditation activation Sessions

Meditation Activation Sessions are perfect for those who want a one-stop-shop session. This is for those interested in understanding your energy balance, receiving a meditation, and you feel confident to continue on your own. Add a intuitive gemstone bracelet to bring balance to your chakras throughout your day.
Your meditation & gemstone beads are chosen based on your scan, consult and intuitively

Chakra Scan with Consult + Meditation PDF

Chakra Scan with Consult + Zoom Guided Meditation with Video Download

Chakra Scan with Consult
+ Zoom Guided Meditation with Video Download
 + Intuitive Gemstone Bracelet 



One-on-One Guided Sessions are for those who want consistent multi-day meditation guidance. This is for you if you feel you need accountability and guidance to be empowered to do your own disciplined practice. The session includes a first and last session chakra scan and consult, and every session a meeting on Zoom for guided meditation. Add a intuitive gemstone bracelet for $15. 

The guided meditation is chosen based on the chakra scan and consult.

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Commitment Benefits

It takes 21 days to break a habit and 40 days to create a new habit.
Commit to multiple days and receive these benefits:

21 Days: Complimentary Intuitive Bracelet

40 Days: 7% Discount on Sessions Total


Enroll: Leave your info to be contacted directly within 24 hours .