4o days to sacred strength

A woman's journey to Empowered living

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Are you ready to make a shift in your life?
Do you feel like...

• You feel guilty for saying “NO” and taking time for yourself?

• You often feel drained and resentful?

• You are being pulled in multiple directions?

• You desire closer friendships with other women but don't know where to start?

• You find yourself saying “YES” when you really want to say “NO?"

• You would love time to relax and focus on yourself?


40 Days to Sacred Strength: A Woman's Journey to Empowered Living
January 2 to February 10, 2018
Meets Tuesdays 6-9pm in Estero, FL
with Willow Green + Lizz Cohoon

40 Days to Sacred Strength offers a 6-week experience in a community of women to transform your challenges to sacred strength. In the 40 days, you will meet weekly for group coaching, discussion, transformational exercises, Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Willow Green, Transformational Coach, Shamanic Practitioner and Author, will teach you tools of empowerment through coaching, discussion and exercises. You will connect to your sacredness and sovereignty through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation led by Lizz Cohoon, Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner + Sound Healer. Plus join in sacred sisterhood at a New Moon Healing Ceremony with Shamanic Breath Work and Sound Healing, Bonuses of Daily Inspiration + Accountability in a Private Facebook group, Goddess Night and more goodies and surprises throughout the journey.  

Join our sacred sisterhood to shift into an empowered life! Start by scheduling your free 30-minute discovery call with Willow Green and completing the enrollment questions.  


Why 40 Days?
40 Days to Change a Habit

When we are born, we have no habits. Habits can bring us joy like exercising every day or frustration like texting the ex when we're lonely.Some habits we need to change in order to shift into expansion and more happiness in our life. 

In Kundalini Yoga, 40 Days is the recommended length to practice to dissolve any blocks keeping you from expansion.In 40 days you can change a habit: 20 days to break a habit and 20 days to form a new one.

Willow's 40 Days

40 Days can seem like an eternity and pass in a heartbeat. I have made several commitments to myself in my lifetime.  Each one, more powerful than the last. There are 2 that really stand out, my commitment to sobriety and my commitment to moving through the pain sobriety brought me.

My commitment to sobriety was about changing my thought patterns and creating new habits. I learned to change the people I associated with, the places I frequented and the way I dealt with my emotions. I had to actually face my emotions rather than numb them. This was terrifying, painful and paralyzing at times.

If you do not know, when an addict first starts to abuse a substance, they stop emotionally maturing. From the age of 13, when there is an uncomfortable emotion, I turned to substance abuse and numbed the pain. I never learned how to actually process and move through my emotions. I had no tools for understanding and dealing with fear, sadness, joy, heartbreak, etc. All I knew was how to numb myself and I was an expert at that!

I needed a way to move through the extreme emotions that had been suppressed for years. I had done some kundalini and enjoyed learning how to experience emotion,  breath through pain, use mantras to shift energy, and the different kriyas for different energy releases. I committed.  I was called and I answered the call. I committed to 40 days of kundalini.  I had no idea what I was really getting into!  Some of the kriya's were so painful, I thought my arms were going to fall off or my legs were going to collapse!  It was absolutely amazing because I learned how much strength I really had. I learned how powerful my breath and my mind were. I learned that I was stronger than any one moment or situation. I tapped into a power within myself I never knew existed. I was empowered. I felt my power for the first time. I have to admit, it scared me a little...ok, a lot! I was alive, really alive in a way I had never known.


Lizz's 40 Days

I remember my first 40 days. It was in yoga teacher training as part of our assignment. Our teacher told us to choose a meditation to for 40 days. It didn’t sound that difficult at first. Than my teacher explained that it wasn’t 10 days here and stop 5 days and do another 7 days - she meant 40 days in a row. And if you didn’t get it done before you went to bed, you had to start at day one the next day. This definitely felt like a challenge but doable. So I chose not only a meditation but also a kriya, or set of Kundalini Yoga exercises. The Aries spirit in me, felt I had this completely handled.

There were days when I was super thankful to have a meditation and yoga practice to do every day. Some days, it felt really rewarding to start my day in this way. I felt happy, clear on my purpose and ready to handle whatever my day had in store. Other days I found myself doing my duty and noticing the blissful buzz didn’t happen. Even on those days, I was still able to feel an underlying sensation that I had done something to sway my day in a positive way.

There were days when I was lying in bed and almost asleep that I remembered I hadn’t done my 40 day practice. I laid there for moments pondering what it would mean if I didn’t do it and started over at day one tomorrow. I didn’t want to give up so I always got up and did my practice.

At the end of the 40 days, I didn’t know that I would achieve was feeling the most proud and committed to myself than I ever had. I reflected on how I stayed true and committed to completing my 40 day practice everyday. When I didn’t feel like it, I got out of bed. And the days when I chose to make time for my practice because I loved it. I had never ever done anything like that for myself before. Within this realization, I found a trust and love for myself I never experienced before. It allowed me to see that anything was possible if I stayed true to my commitment and showed up. I felt empowered and strong.

Start your 40 Day Journey by scheduling a free 30-minute discovery call with Willow and completing the enrollment questions.

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Here's what you can expect every tuesday: 

√ Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Live Class

√ Group Transformational Coaching + Discussion with Empowering Take-Home-Tools

Included Special Tuesday New Moon Session!

√ Sacred Sisterhood Ceremony with Release + Manifestation Ritual, Mantra Healing Meditation Circle and Shamanic Breath + Sound Healing


√ One video of a 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Meditation 

√ Private Facebook Group with Daily Inspiration & Sisterhood Accountability 

√ Celebratory Goddess Night

√ More Goodies & Surprises 

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After the 40 days, you will have

• Tools to Move Through + Dissolve Blocks
• Clarity + Awareness of Self
• Emotional Balance
• Joy To Thrive + Be Alive
• A Supportive Yoga + Meditation Practice
• The Wisdom to Set Healthy Boundaries
• A Connection to a Community of Women Who Support Each Other
• The Trust and Love to Honor the Goddess Within

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how to enroll

To keep the group personalized, only 10 women can be enrolled into 40 Days to Sacred Strength
Schedule your 30-minute discovery call with Willow and complete the enrollment questions. 


The price of 40 Days to Sacred Strength is $600.


Carolyn's Experience
Experiencing Kundalini Yoga with Lizz was life-changing. As an avid yoga practitioner I’ve always loved the physical postures and the attendant mental and spiritual peace; I did not know that Kundalini Yoga could take me even deeper until Lizz’s Workshop. The love, the energy and the flow that her Kundalini yoga Workshop brought to my life that day, has only leveled up! I’ve been hooked ever since! So if you are seeking a spiritual avenue to deepen your practice, Kundalini Yoga is IT! And that beautiful glow that Lizz and her fellow teachers all possess is a wondrous BONUS/takeaway as well! Sat Nam!

Harmony's Experience
Willow could see how much pain I was in and invited me to come over and have a session with her. I came to the house and Willow instructed me to lay down and to  repeatedly  give deep and steady  breathes. The music began to play. There were drums and all kinds of beautiful sounds all around me. Willow was telling me to just let go of all the pain . I burst into tears and started to feel my body shake. Then, after a little time had gone by my fingers and toes felt like this strong force was shooting out of them. While that feeling continued, I started to feel amazing and at peace. When I got up from the table, I felt like I was on a cloud and more importantly I was extremely happy. It's like they let all of the stuff that was making me sad and angry over many years just escape from my body. I was one of the most amazing experiences I've had in my life.

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Working together in Sisterhood

Lizz about Willow

From my first interaction with Willow, I was captivated by her determination and passion.  Willow is dedicated to supporting others on their journey to wholeness and remembering their own power. Witnessing Willow coaching others, encouraged me to hire her as a life coach.  I saw her speaking confidently to empower herself and others and it inspired me.

Willow went beyond my expectations as a life coach. She held me accountable to my goals, talked me through tough situations, allowed me to see how I could speak confidently with compassion for myself and others. As I gained more awareness of my emotions through the coaching, Willow held space for me to process them and showed me healthy ways to release anger and frustration. I was given tools and methods so at the end of the coaching I was not dependent on Willow as a coach.

Because of the coaching I did with Willow, I stepped into bigger leadership roles in my career and manifested experiences better than I had dreamed. I also implemented better ways of communicating and asking for what I need from others.

I have and will continue to recommend friends and people looking for a transformational life coach to work with Willow. Because of Willow’s passion and determination, she helped me to dissolve blocks that were holding me back. I stepped into a greater more empowered version of myself.



I have known Lizz Cohoon for a few years.  During this time, we have both grown in many ways.  I am blessed to say that Lizz has become an incredible friend, confidant and inspiration.  Lizz and I are traveling similar paths, enjoying many of the same books, events, and tools for personal growth.  We have worked together as students, teachers, and colleagues of one another.  

Experiencing Lizz during my role as a student has been a favorite of mine.  When she teaches yoga, she is truly in her power. She radiates strength and beauty with grace and compassion. Her ability to connect to the Goddess within and bring that connection forward fills me with peace.  Lizz has a special quality and love about her that unites her entire class, allowing everyone to move through their emotions with ease.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or just beginning, I encourage you to explore your yoga journey with Lizz.  For me, each time is more amazing and fulfilling than the last.


Meet your Guides

About Willow Green

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I do not empower you. You have everything you need. I teach you how to tap into, harness and utilize the power that already exists within you. - Willow

Willow believes true happiness is possible if we acknowledge, accept, and nourish all aspects of ourselves. Having completely turned her life around, she is an avid believer, model, and inspiration of how to transform negative thought patterns into opportunities and assets. She is guided by her inner compass and helping spirits.

Willow has a tremendous sense of self-awareness from her personal journey through shadow self, addiction, energy blocks, self-love, and acceptance. She has a gift for turning tragedy to triumph. She personally overcame a drug addiction, eating disorder, and alcoholism. She has survived abuse, rape, and other physical trauma. She views all of these experiences as incredible gifts. Had she not been blessed with these experiences, she would not know how to help others heal from their own trauma. Willow lives every day in a state of gratitude for the ability to use her experiences to benefit others.

Willow’s very unique and diverse set of credentials allow her tremendous success with clients both one-on-
one and in small groups. Her ability to connect with her clients, right where they are and guide them to
find their own truth is a gift. A gift she embraces from her personal journey through the fiery depths of
darkness. Her goal is not to empower you, but to teach you how to connect to the power you already

Willow’s educational background includes an Occupational Science degree with focus on personal training,
Certified Shamanic training through The Foundation For Shamanic Studies as well as a Shamanic, Herbalism Apprenticeship with Susun Weed. She owned a fitness club for 4 years. As a personal trainer, Willow’s specialty has been working with Parkinson’s Disease, post-stroke, and rehab clients for over 10 years. She learned the power of the mind and its effect on Dis-Ease as our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs truly create our reality. Working in the woods with Susun Weed, she learned how to create plant allies and connect with all of nature and its healing gifts. She has compiled her work and knowledge into a preventative maintenance program of removing the energy blocks that lead to Dis-Ease.

Willow is committed to holding space for others as they learn to love and nourish their whole self.


About Lizz Cohoon

I remember my first 40 days. It was in yoga teacher training as part of our assignment. Our teacher told us to choose a meditation to for 40 days. It didn’t sound that difficult at first. Than my teacher explained that it wasn’t 10 days here and stop 5 days and do another 7 days - she meant 40 days in a row. And if you didn’t get it done before you went to bed, you had to start at day one the next day. This definitely felt like a challenge but doable. So I chose not only a meditation but also a kriya

I commit to uplifting each student towards their highest potential. My goal is to facilitate healthy transformation of body, mind and spirit through yoga asana, sound, and breath awareness. In my classes and sessions, I create a sacred healing space allowing for connection with self, others, and Infinity. -Lizz Cohoon

Lizz Cohoon is a Yoga Teacher, Crystal Bowl Sound Healer, Reiki Master, and Intuitive Channel.  Lizz believes we all have the capacity and possibility to transform our lives into a happier, balanced and aligned way of being through the support of one another and using the practices that resonate.

As a yoga teacher, Lizz’s yoga classes are uplifting and encourage students to listen to their bodies and trust in their inner knowing. Her intention for every class is to integrate the spiritual experience into the physical world through breath, movement and mantra. At the end of an experience with Lizz, students feel elevated and empowered with a deeper knowledge of the practice and themselves. As a long-time practitioner of yoga, she believes in the transformative power of a daily yoga and meditation practice.

Lizz Cohoon has taught over 500-hours of yoga classes and workshops. She has completed a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification in Power Vinyasa. And she has taken the KRI 220-Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification. Lizz continued her education by completing yoga trainings in Yin, Restorative, Therapeutic and Children’s Yoga. She has a passion for teaching teachers and has facilitated yoga teacher trainings in Kundalini Yoga and education about the chakras.

Lizz enjoys performing sound therapy with Crystal Singing Bowls and mantra in workshops and weekly events. She has received her Master Level Reiki certification and incorporates the healing energy of Reiki into all her work. As an intuitive channel, Lizz creates custom gemstone bracelets to balance the chakras or energy centers bringing a person into an aligned and blissful state.

Join our sisterhood to transform into your sacred strength in 40 days by scheduling your coaching call with Willow Green and completing the enrollment questions.