The Fantasy of Freedom

I used to believe that freedom came only in fleeting moments. It felt like a dream I was always chasing. 

I found freedom falling in love, being offered a job, receiving a large amount of money… but it never lasted. It was like a quick hit and I always left me wanting more. 

After it was gone, I was left heartbroken, disappointed and empty. Than it was on to the next sought after opportunity to connect to feeling free. 

All of these freedoms I found were immersed in fantasy. The fantasy about the freedom of what could happen from what I had achieved or acquired.  

All of these freedoms were dependent on outside circumstances to line up with the fantasy I had created in my mind. The fantasy I projected onto others, circumstances and things. 

In essence, the fantasy from present life was what caused the feeling of freedom. While I believe purposeful future visioning is important to create the future we want, spending more time fantasizing about the future, takes away the opportunity to appreciate the present.  

It is possible to experience freedom in the present and for it to be more than a fleeting moment. By shifting your focus from the outside to the inside, you begin to discover that the freedom lies within.

Over the years, as I began diving deeper into my yoga and meditation practice, my outward focus turned inward. My awareness grew of how these outside fleeting freedom were just quick hits and dependent on the circumstances and people to become my fantasy. 

Through a daily commitment to go inward in meditation, I have discovered and experienced freedom is more than a fantasy. When connecting with my inner Freedom, I notice it is unwavering and always present.

It is my mission to help support others to experience freedom from suffering and connect instead to the bliss of freedom. May freedom be something that is available to you in every day in every present moment.

Find freedom within! Join me for crystal sound bowl meditation, yoga, and reiki.