Feelings are a funny thing.

Feelings are a funny thing. We all have them. It's one of those things that connects us all. Yet, it is something most of our culture refuses to show. 

Have you ever imagined watching the news and when they report on a shooting, instead of the blank face unemotional report, the reporter actually looked upset? Or showed compassion? 

What about going to the doctor, when they gave you the report of your illness, the doctor said how they were genuinely concerned for your health?

Was there a time, when you felt sad or angry but didn't feel is was appropriate or right to express? And why isn't it ok?

These are all questions I've been asking myself lately. We are in Scorpio season and it's all about emotional truth. Emotions are truth. They are a compass, a guidance, to our internal self. Even as emotions are like the water -they flow in and out- so does the people and situations in our life go. 

Emotions used to be really hard for me to deal with. I hated them actually. I shoved them down inside until they exploded. Than I made them bad for doing that which in turn made myself bad. I didn't know how to "deal" with them. 

Than I started to see the light, I found this:


Your emotions are like children. They are begging to be mothered and fathered. They are begging to be unconditionally loved. They, like you as a child, do not want to hear that they shouldn’t be the way they are; that they need to be different. They don’t want to be changed. They want to be given permission to be loved exactly as they are. And we unconditionally love our emotions by being willing to unconditionally feel them. -Teal Swan 

The light is unconditional love. It's definitely not easy to be present with the "bad" emotions. We are wired to avoid pain and suffering. Our internal warning alarm go off, "Danger! Danger! You are feeling bad! Stop now!" We want to run. To do whatever we can to not feel. I know it feels crappy!

What if I told you, the only way out is through? Just stay a little longer and be present with the emotions. Give yourself the love you've always desired as you feel them come up. See what happens. I sense you will find they will calm down, like if you were comforting an emotional child.  

On Saturday, the New Moon will be in Scorpio. This moon brings with it the question of "What do you want?" It's asking us to be in touch with our heart's desire and connect to a vital aspect of us that has been kept hidden. How can we find our heart's desire if we don't allow ourselves to feel? Dive deep into yourself. Allow yourself to move through all aspects of yourself. Discover what's been hidden and needs to be brought back to the light.  

Sat Nam