Mantra Meditation for Balance

Mantra Meditation for Balance

har har wahe guru kundalini mantra

This weekend, I listened to a wonderful Spirit Voyage podcast about all the many versions of the mantra Wahe Guru - there are quite a few! I love the Spirit Voyage podcast because I always fall in love with a new mantra or hear a new musician to enjoy. The particular mantra that spoke to me on the Wahe Guru, Part 1 podcast was Har Har Wahe Guru.

Har is often chanted for prosperity meditations in Kundalini yoga. While Wahe Guru is about gratitude, praising the Divine, and transformation. These two energies are opposites! Prosperity resides in the physical (earth) world while transformation and Divinity are in the spiritual (ether). Balancing these two energies can create more flow and ease in our lives.

The benefits of this mantra don't end there- this is one of those super mantras! This mantra can eliminate parental phobias, activate healing, balance the personality, cure phobias and remove subconscious blocks. This week, I encourage you to use this mantra to find balance by doing the meditation below. Listen to Nirinjan Kaur's beautiful and soothing version of this mantra while you work, drive, and even play it softly at night while you sleep.

Har Har Wahe Guru
pronounced: Hud Hud Wa-hey Goo-rue

The Creator is bliss, Great is the Guru
Creative Infinity, From Darkness to Light

Hear It
Har Har Wahe Guru (YouTube) by Nirinjan Kaur

1. Sit in Easy Pose.
2. Tune in with the Adi Mantra (Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo).
3. Place your hands into Gyan Mudra (thumb and forefinger touching).
4. Close your eyes and focus your inward gaze toward your brow point (or third eye).
5. Chant the mantra Har Har Wahe Guru.
6. Continue for 7 or 11 minutes.
7. To end, deeply inhale, briefly hold the breath, and exhale.
8. Relax.

Sat Nam