reiki 1 activation

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Usui reiki Level one

Usui Reiki Level 1 is an empowerment and attunement of the tradition of Usui Reiki with an emphasis on the 7 chakra system. The focus is on self-healing, earning about energetic anatomy and developing intuitive gifts. Led by Lizz Cohoon, Reiki Master & Certified Yoga Instructor.

Reiki, or universal energy, is the doorway to an expanded consciousness and life!  Through this opening to this energy, you will be able to do healing with energy through the chakras in your hands.  Whether you are already a massage therapist, chiropractor, yoga teacher, you will be benefited by this activation.  A great way to relieve stress, balance out emotions and soothe pain; Reiki is easy, adaptable and always with you.


Lecture, Discussion, Meditation and Guided Application. 


In this training you will learn about Reiki, the Angelic Binding Symbols, 7 Chakras, The Aura, Meridians, Empath and Intuitive Gifts, Enhancing the Treatment with Crystals, Reiki-Infused Food & Drinks, and how to do a Reiki Treatment on yourself.

Open to 10 students.


A Reiki Manual.


A pen
A cushion for sitting, & a yoga mat (Some are available to borrow.)
Wear comfortable clothes.
Crystals: 2 Selenite Towers or Rods, 3 Quartz Points (Crystals available to purchase at training)


Optional $25 Crystal Set (2 Selenite Rods + 3 Quartz Pts)


next activation

Sunday, February 17 from 10-1:30pm
at Soulshine Yoga on Marco Island
Register by Thursday, February 14 at the studio or online at Soulshine Yoga’s website