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Reiki Activations

Reiki, or universal energy, is the doorway to an expanded consciousness and life!  Through this opening to this energy, you will be able to channel life force energy through the chakras in your hands. Keep Reiki as a personal practice, use Reiki to support others healing and/or learn how to teach others Reiki.

Reiki Level 1 Activation + Training
Focused on Self-Healing, you learn about Reiki, the Angelic Binding Symbols, 7 Chakras, The Aura, Meridians, Empathy and Intuitive Gifts, Enhancing the Treatment with Crystals, Reiki-Infused Food & Drinks, and how to do a Reiki Treatment on yourself.


Reiki Level 2 Activation + Training
In Reiki 2, we focus on giving a Reiki treatment to others. We dive more in-depth with the chakras and crystals. You learn how to use Reiki everyday and with Animals. In Reiki 2, you learn the Reiki symbols, how to do distance healings, the treatment steps, incorporating essential oils, and using a pendulum to do chakra scans.  


Reiki Master Level 3 Activation + Training
In Reiki 3, the focus is on stepping into the role as Reiki teacher and empowered healer as you have built on the knowledge and experienced from levels 1 & 2.


Reiki Tools
Supplemental trainings for those already attuned and practicing Reiki. Learn how to enhance a Reiki experience with crystals, chakra scans, essential oils and more!